Apr 072009

Picasa’s one-click auto-correct button is called ‘I’m Feeling Lucky.’ Try it! You’ll like it. If you don’t like what it does, no problem, just click the Undo button and it will forget all about it.
I recommend *always* clicking on I’m Feeling Lucky whenever you’re editing a photo. You may be surprised that a photo you liked – you’ll like even better. Like the photo below that I took yesterday at White Sands National Monument. It’s nice. I like the picture, but it doesn’t pop out at you. Look at the difference just one click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ gives me!


Now *that’s* White Sands!

Another tool that can help you get whiter whites is the neutral color picker on the Tuning tab. If you are a Geeks on Tour Member, I will show you how to use all the edits and tuning features in the tutorial videos below: Not a member?  Join now.

More photos from White Sands (using Picasa web albums embedded slideshow):


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  2. Beautiful White Sands of New Mexico.

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