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picasafolderEvery folder of your photos that you see in Picasa has a date attached to it:

Where does that date come from?

When you import pictures using Picasa, the folder it creates will be dated according to the earliest date of the photos it contains. So, if your photos have the following dates:


Folders are Dated by the earliest photo
The folder above will be dated 4/30/2006. Notice in this example that most of the photos were from August. If you’re looking for this folder to be sorted with others taken in August, you won’t find it because it will be lower in your list, along with others from April.

I have one folder of pictures taken in June of 2008 that I thought had been completely lost. I was afraid I had mistakenly deleted them all! I finally found them at the bottom of my list because the folder was dated 1/1/2000. Huh?! Come to find out there was one photo in the group that I had taken with another camera. That camera had, apparently, never had it’s date set – so the photo was saved as having been taken on the default camera date of 1/1/2000.

You can change the date on the folder
Once you find a folder with a wrong date, it’s easy to fix. Just double-click on the folder’s name, and you’ll get a screen where you can type in any date you want:



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  8 Responses to “Picasa Tip: How folders get Dated”

  1. I want to check my Picasa backup disks. I do not want to restore any pictures in the folders. I just want to check to make certain the backup has transferred my photographs. When I click put my disks in my computer and click on $Pictures, the folders show a notebook and a gear. How can I see the photographs?

  2. I have several game cameras which always record the date as 1/1/1980 in Picasa. Any idea why this is, and how to correct it?

  3. […] You may be saying, “But my folders are already sorted by date.”  Well, yes, but that is Folders.  What if you have a Folder called Christmas and every year, you put your Christmas day photos in there?  That Folder will be sorted according to the date of the Folder which is usually the same as the earliest picture within the folder. (see article: How Folders get Dated) […]

  4. Last month I discovered your wonderfully helpful site and am learning so many things. I have looked around your archives for my recent problem but could not find an answer. Lately when I open Picasa to download my pictures from the camera to the computer the screen goes lighter in color and the tab at the bottom on screen will say Picasa(not responding) then if I close it a pop up box appears with a choice to close window or wait for Picasa to respond.
    The pictures do go into My Pictures and if I wait will sometimes pop into Picasa. But it’s a very long wait.
    If I choose to close, it sends it to Microsoft to try to fix it.
    I have a three month old compter with Vista.
    I love Picasa 3
    I Blog and this is frustrating.
    Thanks for any help

  5. Mr. Reagler seems to be asking if he can send an attachment to an email that will cue up and show his pictures one after the other. A way to do this would be to use MS PowerPoint, as follows:

    1. Open a new PowerPoint presentation.
    2. Place a picture on each slide and resize it so it fits the largest dimension of the slide.
    3. Set Slide Show > Slide Transition.
    4. Select all slides in the presentation and apply a transition effect (fade, wipe, fly, etc.)
    5. Modify the transition with speed (I recommend Fast), sound (too gimmicky – don’t use sound).
    6. Set the Advance slide to change automatically after a selected number of seconds. To keep things moving, select between 2 and 5 seconds.
    7. MOST IMPORTANT. Save your presentation as .PPT, then save it again as .PPS (PowerPoint Show).
    7a. I recommend testing the show by double-clicking the file with the .PPS extension. Hit to exit any time.
    8. Email the .PPS file to your friend and when he opens it, the show will begin!!!

  6. I hope it is not necessary that my reply be relative to your subject matter. Let me explain. I am new to Picasa and somewhat new to digital cameras although I have been taking pictures for about 70 years. I am 84 years old but somewhat young for my age. I am trying to conquer sending email pictures so that the receiver can view them as a continuous show. Right now the receiver has to click one by one to view one of my email pictures.

    I wish that I had discovered the two of you and Picasa prior to yesterday.
    –David Reagler

    hope you can tell me how to achieve what I want to do.

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