Mar 102009

One of our Geeks on Tour members recently posted a question in our forum about scanning a preprinted form.  A past Picasa tip explains how you can scan things just using your scanner and Picasa – no scanner software to learn.  This member needed to scan a preprinted form and she was disappointed that she couldn’t bring it into Word and fill in the blanks.

I started explaining to her that you can’t scan a form and then fill it in unless you were using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and that would be a lot more work.  She would either have to handwrite in the blanks, or find an old typewriter somewhere.

Then I got to thinking … ‘If it was just one fill in the blank, I’d try doing it with Picasa’s text tool!’ (Member Tutorial Video: Adding Text to Pictures)

So, for the fun of it, I scanned a form I had from a doctor’s office and tried using Picasa to fill out the first blank.  Here’s the blank form after scanning it and viewing with Picasa:


It was pretty easy to use the text tool, size and position today’s date to fill in the first blank.  I assumed that you could only use Picasa’s text tool once per picture.  I was ecstatically wrong!

Just click apply after filling in each blank and you can then click the text tool and start over for the next blank.

OMG that was soo easy!


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  4 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Fill-in Preprinted Forms”

  1. Chris, I work for my son and we have the ginormous (government) form to complete and cannot do so on the computer ( program won’t let us). We have printed the form and not having a typewrier, were about to fill it in by hand. I showed him your e-mail re:Picasa capability on forms but he is afraid of the Picasa program. Says he doesn’t trust Google software. Anything you can recommend I tell him to put his mind at ease on downloading Picasa?

    Thanks, Marty

  2. I am amazed at the versatility of Picassa. And to think it is FREE.

    I certainly appreciate your videos on how to use all of the Picassa features. It would have taken a long time to figure them out by myself.

    Thank you!

  3. This is a fantastic, unexpected benefit to already awesome program.

    Thanks a bunch!

  4. Great tip, Kris. I never would have thought to use the text tool in picasa to fill in the blanks of a form.

    See ya in Bowling Green.

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