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Did you know you can take any photo that you see with Picasa and set your desktop background (wallpaper) to that photo?

You know what I’m talking about, right?  The ‘wallpaper’ or ‘desktop background’ is what you see when you first start your computer.  In Vista a normal desktop looks like this:


Let’s say you have a photo of a flamingo that you’d like to see every time you started your computer – so much more meaningful than what comes with your computer:


Picasa does everything you need.  All you do is view the photo you want, click the Create menu and then Set as Desktop …

Check it out.  It’s done!

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  6 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Photos as Wallpaper”

  1. #4 Richard Smith, I have this same problem as well and it doesn’t seem to matter what the size of the original file is, always the the photo is enlarged and pixelated with half of it is missing?? Any answers to solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

  2. When I use a picasa photo as my wallpaper the photo is too big for the screen,so I only get part of the photo.what do I have to do to get the full photo?

  3. i can not delete my wall paper. so far all references are to how to create, add or replace it. the sets of instructions to delete, provided at the help forum, don’t work. chanita. help. chanita

  4. I went to Picasa and clicked on one picture to put on my desktop and now my whole picture file goes through. I cancelled it and started again, but still all my pictures are passing through. It must take a lot of space. Just wondering what could be wrong.

    Thanks, Rosemarie

    Enjoy your tutorials, this one was just to easy I guess.

  5. That works really neat. BUT those down loads do take up space on your hard drive/system and if your system is already running rather slowly I have been told that they do tend to slow it down even more. Some of the more simple backgrounds don’t impact your system as much—so I am told.

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