Dec 092008

My computer is very entertaining. Especially when I’m not using it! It’s the photo screensaver. There’s not much that entertains me more than watching photos of our RV travels these last 5 years. Just sit back and watch. And I use two monitors, so I have double the fun. Here’s what it looks like:

How do you turn it on?
In Picasa, use the Tools menu and click on Configure Screensaver … From there, you should see the following screen, and you can select ‘Google Photos Screensaver’ from the drop-down list. If you ever want to turn it off, just go here and select ‘None.’

What options are there?
The first option is right on the first screen. How long do you want it to wait to start playing the slideshow? Mine is set to 10 minutes. This means that, if I don’t touch the computer for 10 minutes, the slideshow will start playing.

The rest of the options are on the Settings … button. The most important is that you can choose the pictures to show. I choose to show my Picasa Starred photos, but you can also use the special Screensaver album, or any combination of folders. Since it is Picasa doing the work, you get the edited version of the photo, not the original. You can also select the transition, and the timing.

Maybe it’s best to select a smaller number of photos so you won’t be tempted to just stare for hours!

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  4 Responses to “Picasa tip: Your photos as Screensaver”

  1. It seems everytime I put pictures in my Picasa, they show up on my screensaver. What do I do to remove the ones I don’t want, and to change it so new pictures don’t automatically go into the screensaver. I would really, really appreciate your help. I have been searching the web, but never saw anything about this problem. Nancy

  2. Wow,, this is a nice tutorial. I never use any screen saver for my computer. It must be fun. I’ll try this tips right away. thank you…

  3. Hi,
    thanks for the tip. I’m getting used to this screensaver and sometimes I see fotos I didn’t remember to have. This is fun!
    I also discovered that pressing the spacebar I can stop the screensaver on a foto and then go back/forward. There is also a link to the location of the foto on the harddisck but in my case unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work: when I click on it the screensaver just closes. Any idea why this is not working? Does your screensaver behave in the same way?
    The function would be very useful to discover again nice, old fotos.


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