Dec 162008

When you upload photos to a Picasa Web Album, there are a few options you want to set. I always make my albums ‘Public’ as opposed to Unlisted and I choose Medium size so I can store more photos in my web albums.


At first, I was making these selections every time I uploaded, because the default settings were Large Size and Unlisted Album. Then, I found the place to change the default!

The term ‘default’, in case you’re not familiar, means the automatic setting. The default is what’s going to happen if you do nothing.

To set the default settings for Web Albums, click on the Tools menu and Options, then the Web Albums tab. You can change any setting you like. My personal preference is for pictures to be uploaded in the medium size, make the albums public, and add a copyright notice to every photo. Once I make the selections below, and click OK, my defaults have been changed. Now, when I’m ready to upload photos to a web album, I don’t have to pay attention to the options – I know they’re already set the way I want! I just click ‘Upload’ and then ‘OK.’


If you have already uploaded a Web Album and then realize that no-one can see it because it is set to Unlisted, you can change that on the web by clicking on the Edit drop-down button at the top of the album. On that menu is an option for Album properties. Scroll down to the bottom of the properties box, and you’ll see the place to select ‘Public.’

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  1. Your webalbums photos are not showing.

  2. how to change between two profiles Picasa Uploader. thanks bob

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