Oct 282008

I just read a question from a Picasa user, Joe, who needs to use his photos in a Website. He makes all his edits with Picasa, cropping, fixing red eyes, retouching a spot … but when his website software uploads the photo from his My Pictures folder, it’s the original photo. It still needs the red eyes fixed, it needs to be cropped and it needs to be resized to something a lot smaller than his original photo.

What Joe needs to know about is the Export command. After making all the edits to make the picture(s) look good:

1. Select the photo or photos you want to use on your website
2. Click the Export button at the bottom
3. Choose or create the receiving folder – e.g. My PicturesWebsite photos
4. Choose a size (I use 400 pixels for most web photos)
5. Click OK

Now when you use the website software to upload your photos, upload the ones in the Website photos folder instead of the original folder.

There are a couple of videos in the classroom at GeeksOnTour.com on using Picasa to prepare photos for websites. You need to be a member to view them in their entirety, but here’s a 30 second preview of one:

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  3 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Save Edits and Resize with Export”

  1. I understand that I need to use the Export tool to resize photos, but how do I retain the original high res photo as well. There does not seem to be a function that allows me to save multiple versions of the same photo?? For example, I would like to preserve the orginal while creating a sepia and low res version that do not overwrite the orginal?

    Please help. Deadlines looming.

  2. Hello Skip,
    Always nice to hear from a member!
    if you use the Blogger tools for inserting a photo, they automatically insert a smaller photo in the blog post itself and link to the actual photo that was uploaded. If you watch the Geeks on Tour video in the Blogger section on Photos, it should help. I recommend sizing a photo to 800 pixels (using Picasa export) then uploading that 800 pixel photo using Blogger and specify ‘Large’ for the blog itself. That will make a 400 pixel photo in the blog, linking to the 800 pixel photo.
    For more explanation of pixels, watch the video in the Picasa section “Resizing Photos.”

  3. I do I get my blog picture to enlarge itself when someone viewing my blog click on the photo? I have noticed that on some blog pages, when you click on the small photo, it automatically enlarges to a bigger size.

    Thank you,

    Skip Post

    P.S. – I am a member of the Geeks On Tour video club!

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